The Artwork of Gabe Lanza

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, my paintings, mixed media works and fiber studies introduces a simple story that freezes the dialogue while allowing the viewer to imagine what’s happening before and after. While drawing inspiration from my travels around the world due to my job at a rug manufacture, my interest in folk and textile art offers an aesthetic richness full of colors, narratives and textures. With that inspiration, I often combine my work with a certain subject matter that I find familiar such as: robots, linear faces, and bold dark outlines. My work process is split between the exploration of the medium being used and my heavily sketched out and clear understanding of the finished project. This process allows me to work toward something slightly abstract that becomes more focused as my decisions with the materials and sketches play themselves out.

Challenging the judgement between textiles and fine art, my new direction in fibers embraces a technique that in the United States is traditionally called “womens crafts” and often pushed into other craft disciplines like sewing and quilting.  I investigate what this practice means and how it is possible to renew this traditional craft for a contemporary and modern audience. In doing so, I’m hoping to allow the viewer to question the commercial ambition often associated with the technique used to produce rugs or carpets.  Regardless of media or artistic discipline, all my work is a materialization of my nostalgia for cartoons and toys of the past, blending my own delicate balance of humour, beauty and awkwardness.

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