Hi, I’m Gabe! 

I’m a Chicago based Product Designer that's passionate about elevating products through human-centered design and storytelling.  I’ve always been the type of person who uses my creativity to tell a story, solve problems, and connect with people.

With a degree in fine arts, I quickly found my way into industrial product design which eventually led me to the exciting  UX/UI field. In each step of my journey, I’ve used my drawing and design abilities to provide the visual content needed to connect people to products. 

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Gabe Lanza
(312) 401-0481
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Outside of designing, I contribute to a number of passion projects including rug makinggallery showsdaily sketching, toy collecting, a love for all things robots, and vintage motorcycle repair. (If you need to boost your problem-solving skills, own anything vintage as you are constantly having mechanical issues.)

What will I love next?

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