Hi, I’m Gabe! 

I’m a Chicago based Product Designer that's passionate about elevating products through human-centered design and storytelling.  I’ve always been the type of person who uses my love of sketching to tell a story, solve problems, and connect with people. Besides this visual passion, one of the things I love most is human-centered research and the improved design iterations that result from chatting with users. Being very empathetic allows me to connect deeply with others, and peel away those misleading outer layers to find the real core problem or challenge. 

With a degree in fine arts, I quickly found my way into industrial product design and eventually led to the UX/UI field. In each step of my journey, I’ve used my drawing and design abilities to provide the visual content needed to connect people to products. With this unique point of view, I’m comfortable across all phases of the design process while working alongside various teams as well as customers, sales, and company stakeholders.

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Gabe Lanza
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Outside of designing, I contribute to a number of passion projects including rug makinggallery showsdaily sketching, toy collecting, a love for all things robots, and vintage motorcycle repair. (If you need to boost your problem-solving skills, own anything vintage as you are constantly having mechanical issues.)

I’m currently looking to submerge myself at a Chicago company with a collaborative and learning team culture that doesn’t mind the occasional dad joke. I love what I do and the more I do it, the more I love it.

What will I love next?

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