1. Preparing for that 2nd interview

    Interviewing is tough.  We’re all aware of the multiple steps involved in the hiring process. The obstacle course that is the first interview is the easiest of all the rounds to come,  cause they only get trickier as you get closer to being hired. Today I’m going to talk about…

  2. Talking business with design

    I was recently asked a question during an interview that made me go completely blank. During my career, I’ve been asked many times to explain my process or work habits but I struggled the most recently with this question: How do you consider business needs and goals into your design

  3. Design systems worth checking out

    Do you love design systems? There are many companies that offer fantastic resources to use in your UX/UI career, including design systems. A design system can be used for learning how to create better user experience and interfaces. They’re created to provide the necessary insights like colors, typography graphics, and…

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